Consultation with an Aging Life Care Manager

An Initial consultation and ongoing consultation with a professional care manager can provide your family with the confidence that you are heading in the right direction and making the best decisions for your loved ones. 

Needs Assessment

A comprehensive needs assessment identifies not only physical and functional needs but also preferences, priorities, social and emotional challenges and risk factors. A professional care manager is trained to gather this information with compassion, respect and discretion.

Care Planning

Care planning refers to identifying issues that negatively impact an individual's life. It means prioritizing desired incomes and determining the interventions, services and resources needed to reach chosen goals. A care plan becomes an agreement between the older adult and others to enhance their quality of life and reduce the risks associated with living at home.


Keep family members and health professionals up-to-date on the older adult's well-being and alert designated persons to changing needs. 

Safety and Security

Monitor the older adult living independently, recommend technology to improve security and safety, watch for changes and potential risks of abuse and fraud. 

Medical Management

Attend doctor appointments and be a health advocate, facilitate communication between doctor, patient , family and make sure the older adult follows the physician's instructions.

Home Care Services

Determine which services your older adult needs, help families hire and monitor those services  


Provide information on Federal and state entitlements, connect families to local benefits programs. 


Help to evaluate available senior housing options and choose the right senior living option to suit their care needs and budget.


Refer to or consult with an elder law attorney, provide expert for courts in determining level of care and establishing client needs. For more information, contact the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys


They help clients and families with insurance claims, concerns, and applications. Review or supervise bill paying, consult with an accountant or the person who has the Power-of-Attorney. 

Social Activities

Find social, recreational, or cultural activities to prevent isolation and improve the quality of life.




Our mission is to assist older adults and their families identify, locate, and acquire the highest quality and most cost effective supports and services necessary to age well at home.